• juillet 04, 2019
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The Brazilian Villa Dog is one of the most powerful Mastiff breeds and is a dog that is never known in the Arab world due to lack of breeding because it is very dangerous to the stranger and needs an experienced owner .........

This dog is a watchdog and is subject to advanced breeding conditions in France and some European countries for its strength and violence against strangers.

The original home of the dog  Brazil:

Dog Villa (Brazilian) one of the strongest dogs guardians
The roots of this dog belong to one of the very old masters and its development was completed in central South America and specifically in Brazil.

It is a wild dog that lives in a very strong variety of environments.

Uses This type of dog:

This dog has been used since ancient times in the advanced guard and he may die and do not leave his place where it is impossible to 10 black or even a bear make him leave his place and escape as a war dog and rarely used in grazing and also proved his success as a family dog keeper and is very loving to his owner ........

And is an excellent babysitter and a wonderful guard for them and being very jealous of the owner protects him from anything that should never approach him during the performance of his duty and is a defensive dog completely does not allow anyone to threaten his family and his faithfulness as a guard over the german Shepherd and Dobberman ..... ........

It is useful in fishing for its strength and design, but not hunting very fast animals like rabbits.

Mood and behavior:

Villa as we said the most severe dogs of the world jealous of the owner and is very far in the defense against strangers and a little Chriss gets a very powerful lethal guard.

As a friendly family dog with family members who are very loving, very patient, determined, intelligent and need an average coach.

He is a wonderful child and no child is ever worried about him unless his grudge has crossed the line.

When he attacks the villa, he puts in his mind the idea of killing only and expelling the stranger by any means and never retreats. He is very stubborn and fierce when the danger threatens his family and depends on the force of his jaw which may reach 380 or 400 pounds or 180 kg to 182 kg His weight hit and put his opponent land.

Weight and height :

Male: Weight between 55 to 63 kg and height between 68 to 75 cm at the shoulder.

Female: Weight between 52 to 60 and height between 65 to 72 cm at the shoulder.

Age :

Between 10 and 13 years

The environment :

This dog is mountainous and wild, with a medium or high activity, and it is preferred for a large place to raise it because of its size.

And most dogs should not be detained for long in order not to get bad mood